Focus on
Work-related Topics

We will help you to realize your work -related goals -such as:

As coaches it is our goal to set a safe environment in which to work with you on your specific goals. We will act as your sparring partner and will give you  feedback in a coaching process which is aimed to be solution-oriented, strengthening and building on your own resources.

A first step in coaching may simply mean becoming aware of your goals. You may even find that you have more than one goal and you may need to prioritize them according to urgency.

As coaching is taking place in a confidential, safe environment, you are free to discuss any topic that is close to your heart.


Special Topics

First / New Managerial (Leading) Position

When you are about to be promoted to a leading position, you need to be well prepared for the tasks that lie ahead. Even though work content or procedures may essentially stay the same, you will most likely face new challenges in your new appointed position in regards to communicating with and handling your co-workers. more

Change of employer

Changing your employer may entail feeling insecure. You may feel obliged to "deliver" good results quickly and fulfill expectations that were set during the application period. On top of that you need to get acquainted to the new work environment as well as your new co-workers, and supervisors. more

Individuals relocating to Germany from abroad

Individuals relocating to Germany from abroad, or German nationals who are repatriating after a longer stay abroad, often feel isolated and are having trouble to adjust to their new working and living environment. more

Executive Coaching

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Changing Employers

Come in for a consultation when you are considering a change of employer. Get the support you'll need during the initial induction phase.

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International Personnel Deployment to Germany

We help you to adapt to the emotional challanges of working in / returning from a foreign country.

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Your first leadership position

A promotion to a leading position in a company is a wonderful personal achievement. Coaching will prepare you effectively for your new position.

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Expert Coaching

Learn how to inspire people, move things ahead and make things happen – even if you cannot exercise any managerial authority over your co–workers.

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Life Coaching

Find balance in your work life and private life. Be in touch with your desires and goals.

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