Focus on Leading Without Hierarchical Power

Alongside the traditional careers in management, more and more businesses are introducing careers as an expert/specialist, or as a project manager. Individuals who have chosen either one of those careers are holding key positions within the organization and should be considered with equal attention.

In Expert Coaching we will address topics in detail such as:

As coaching is taking place in a confidential, safe environment, you are free to discuss any topic that is close to your heart.

Expert Coaching

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Changing Employers

Come in for a consultation when you are considering a change of employer. Get the support you'll need during the initial induction phase.

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International Personnel Deployment to Germany

We help you to adapt to the emotional challanges of working in / returning from a foreign country.

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Executive Coaching

Achieve your professional goals, develop your talents and skills, and learn not to over–exert yourself.

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Life Coaching

Find balance in your work life and private life. Be in touch with your desires and goals.

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