When should I seek professional help?

In times of great stress at work or in our private lives, we may fall out of balance physically as well as psychologically. Our quality of life may be impaired and over time we may suffer from distress as a result.

You should seek professional help,

With your active cooperation in therapy, we will encourage you to discover and develop new paths towards a solution to your individual concerns and problems, enabling you to lead a self-directed, autonomous life. While we generally take a behavior therapy approach to counseling, we may incorporate a combination of different approaches tailored to your individual needs:

While in therapy, we may be working closely with your primary care physician, as some mental problems can be traced back to physical causes, which may need to be treated with medication.


Special Topic

International personnel transfers and adjustment disorders

With increasing globalization and mobility, more employees are nowadays expected to relocate internationally for a longer period of time. This may lead to stress and short–term adaption reactions. In this case we’ll offer an expatriate coaching more. There are times though, when employees or members of their family will develop more serious, persistent adaption reactions, called adjustment disorders, which call for psychotherapy more.

Counseling and Psychotherapy

[ Psychotherapy according to the alternative health practitioner legislation (Heilpraktikergesetz) ]

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Fees for Psychotherapy

Our fees and information on cost coverage by your health insurance.

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