PsyCoaTherapy offers multiple coaching, counseling and therapy services.

Coaching is aimed primarily towards people who are psychologically healthy, and who are looking for assistance with work-related or personal issues. Our mission is to assist you in developing the right strategy to find solutions to your professional and private life. more on Coaching


Psychotherapy is aimed towards individuals who don't seem to be able to find a solution to their challenges on their own, thereby experiencing a reduction of their quality of living. We will work closely with you and whenever necessary with your family physician or other healthcare specialists. more on Psychotherapy


Coaching and Psychotherapy Combined

We find that the boundary between being "psychologically healthy" and "psychologically stressed" is often fluid. Take for example clients who will come to us because they feel stressed. Some of those clients may actually find themselves in a more advanced state of being utterly exhausted. This will call for a therapeutic intervention rather than coaching. Due to our dual qualifications as coaches and alternative health practitioners in psychotherapy, we are able to assist with either approach.

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Psychological Coaching, Counseling, and Therapy

(based on the Heilpraktikergesetz)

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Find support during a personal crisis. Develop new ways to leading a self–directed, autonomous life.

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Psychotherapy … Me?

On the one hand you're looking for help; but on the other … psychotherapy? A few words of encouragement.

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Executive Coaching

Achieve your professional goals, develop your talents and skills, and learn not to over–exert yourself.

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Expert Coaching

Learn how to inspire people, move things ahead and make things happen – even if you cannot exercise any managerial authority over your co–workers.

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Life Coaching

Find balance in your work life and private life. Be in touch with your desires and goals.

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Program of Courses

Currently courses and seminars in English are only available on demand.

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Coaches and Therapists

We will support you in finding your individual as well as your professional goals by means of coaching or therapy.

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